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    Plastic Mailing Envelopes

Plastic Mailing Envelopes

Afraid that your documents will be Read by someone while in transit? Scared that some anti-social elements will try to pilfer your samples or goods while in transit? Get some peace of mind. Use SoundSeal™ Plastic Mailing Envelopes. Designed to be tamper proof. These bags will tear when someone tries to open them indicating tampering.


Daily business & personal mailing for transporting various items such as:

  • Correspondence Letters
  • Brochures
  • Samples
  • Office documen


    • Made from 60 Micron coextruded LDPE films
    • Hot melt adhesive strip on the top which ensures that parcels once sealed cannot be removed from the bag without tearing the envelope
    • Easy to write on with a permanent marker

    Optional Features

    • Custom printing according to the customer’s requirements in upto 8 colours
    • Customised sizes for larger orders
    • A POD jacket can be added on the back side of the bag. These jackets are used for insertion of waybills, consignment notes and other documents such as invoice copies
    • Envelope with a window.

    Available in the following standard sizes
    Size CodeDimensions (in inches)
    A4.5” x 10.5”
    B7” x 10”
    C8” x 10”
    D10” x 12”
    E10” x 14”
    F12” x 16”
    G14” x 17”
    H15” x 19”
    I20” x 23”


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