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Wish to carry that liqour bottle which you bought at a duty-free store at an airport aboard an airline? Duty Free bags or STEB Bags are what you need.

SoundSeal™ is an ICAO approved manufacturer of STEBs. SoundSeal™ manufacturers these bags with special patented security tapes.

Please write to Mr Aditya Roongta ataditya@soundseal.in or call on +91 9833248077 to know more about this product.


At airports for the transportation of LAGs- Liquids, Aerosols & Gels after they are purchased from duty free shops at airports.


  • Made from 62.5 to 100 micron coextruded LDPE films
  • High Security tape which indicates tampering by displaying the word “Void” when tampered
  • High puncture resistance and strength
  • Easy carry handle on the top of the bag for easy transportation of goods
  • Unique serial numbering and bar coding for easy identification

Optional Features

  • Customised Sizes for larger orders
  • Custom printing according to the customer’s requirements in upto 8 colours


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