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Social responsibility

As a member of a global community, Dhwani is striving to adapt to the evolving needs of society and contribute to the overall health and wellness of the planet and its citizens. The Dhwani Foundation is a trust whose funds are engaged in promoting preventive healthcare and sanitation amongst many other social initiatives. The foundation has recently made regular contributions to the Swacch Bharat initiative of the Government of India towards promotion of sanitation. We are also continually reviewing and improving our efforts to lessen the garbage from our surroundings and nurture a society of cleanliness and heath.

The foundation will also undertake rural development projects, to promote inclusive and special needs education and towards enhancing the vocational skills among children, women, elderly and the disabled. The foundation aims to provide training, research, staffing and scholarships towards this cause.

The foundation is also active in the promotion of gender equality, empowerment of women, setting up old age homes and day care facilities for senior citizens.


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