Custom Poly Bags Manufacturers for United States

Widely used. Multi-functional.

SoundSeal Polymailers or Courier Bags, as they are more popularly called in India, are what courier companies prefer to use during transit of packages due to their versatility and ease of use. In the courier business it’s paramount that the goods reach safely and without the fear of tampering. SoundSeal Polymailers are made to serve this very purpose. A perfect blend of functionality and cost, it’s imperative for courier and logistic companies to use these bags in transit.


  • Made from coextruded PE films.
  • Hot melt adhesive strip on the top which ensures that parcels once sealed cannot be removed from the bag without tearing the envelope Easy to write on with a permanent marker
  • We run a stock program for these bags. To buy these bags online please click on the following link:

Daily business & personal mailing for sending various items such as correspondence letters, brochures, samples, office documents and other confidential and important documents and articles.

  • Custom printing according to the customer’s requirements in upto 8 colours.
  • Customised sizes for larger orders.
  • A POD jacket can be added on the back side of the bag.
  • Envelope with a window.
  • Option to make bags with a higher percentage of recycled content.
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