What Are Polymailers? Why Do You Need Them?

What Are Polymailers?

Developed as a versatile low cost replacement of traditional paper envelopes polymailers saw their calling with the onset of online shopping. Polymailers were designed to prevent and help in detection of theft or fraud which was happening when online stores shipped valuable items like phones, laptops, etc. These tamper proof mailing bags can be engineered to tamper evident bags to detect 5 types of tampering under 4 Levels of security evidencing:

What Are Different Types Of Polymailer Tamperings?


Mechanical Tampering Level 2 Tape

Packages opened by hand, scissors, etc. cannot be closed again in the same way. The option of adding an irreversible ‘VOID’ mark is also available in Level 2 Security evidence.


Level 3 tampering

Seals opened with the use of freezing agents will leave behind evidence of tampering and cannot be resealed to look intact again.


Chemical Tampering

Tampering with the help of chemicals and alcohols also leaves behind visible irreversible marks of tampering.


Level 4 Tape

Sealed packages that have been tampered with by using hot air or steam will be made evident due to marks left on the sealing area which is evidenced by a change in the color of the closure mechanism of the bag. This change in color is permanent.


Saliva tampering

Packages can be made Tamper evident against manipulation using water or saliva by adding this feature with any of the aforementioned closing mechanisms.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Polymailers?

Mailing bags (as polymailers are also referred to) are made tamper-proof and tamper-evident by using void technology, security cuts, fiber-tear labels, and self-destructible labels. With the advent of newer technology, they can even be added to a blockchain to prevent duplication by employees. Other benefits of Polymailers or Mailing bags are:

1) Reduced Shipping costs

These light bags definitely beat cardboard boxes in weight, hence reducing shipping costs.

reduced shopping cost with polymailer bags

2) Compact Packaging

Compared to bulk boxes, these bags are as big as the package they carry and hence, are smaller in size. They take up less space in transport.

3) Environment-friendly options

While many believe that plastic mailer bags are bad for the environment, they can reduce the plastic waste generated by their company by choosing mailing bags made of a recyclable plastic or by picking compostable polymailers.


environment friendly polymailer Bags

4) Customized options

Polymailers can be customized to suit industry needs. They can be padded with air bubbles if carrying fragile items or made sturdier if carrying coins.

5) Used for packing many kinds of items

Apparel, books, plastic bottles containing liquid, beauty & wellness products, medicines, etc. Polymailers can also be customized to carry fragile items like alcohol bottles, glassware, bottled medicines, etc. by adding air bubble protection.

Polymailer Bag Used For Carrying Fragile Items
Polymailer Bag Used For Packaging

6) Custom Branding

Mailing bags can easily carry brand colors, logos, and other branding properties. They can also be used as marketing and branding tools.

What Are Different Polymailer Materials?

At Dhwani Polyprints Pvt. Ltd. we can make these polymailers or courier bags from 3 types of material. The choice of material depends on the use and client directives.

The three types of Polymailer materials are:

1. Virgin Polyethylene (PE)

2. RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) compliant material

3. Compostable material

Order fulfillment centers require mechanisms that speed and streamline their processes; for this, we have innovated 3 packing mechanisms for our Courier bags. Box packed polymailers / courier bags Wicketed polymailers / courier bags Blockheaded polymailers / courier bags

Our team has used our extensive consumer research and developed many valuable features that companies can choose to add to their packaging. We can add QR codes, barcodes, serial numbers, etc. to ease the record-keeping process. Courier bags can also be made ideal for fragile items by adding bubble film. We can also integrate the bags to a blockchain to eliminate chances of frauds like duplication.

Dhwani Polyprints Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of these economical and versatile bags. We make these security mailers and courier bags under our in-house brand, SoundSeal.

SoundSeal was founded by Mr. Aditya Roongta as a security packaging innovator. Individuals can also buy polymailers for their use from our online store.

“Polymailers have been vital in curbing thefts and frauds in many Industries. Leading E-commerce retailers have been consistently choosing SoundSeal Polymailers to safeguard their shipments and to increase customer retention. The biggest Education Institutes and Competitive Exam Organisers have also realized the importance of our security mailers to ship their Exam papers to different testing centres while avoiding fraud and cheating. Additionally, we have been successful in providing innovative packaging solutions to Leading players in multiple industries all over the world. Achieving this has been a result of the technical expertise of our team”

– Aditya Roongta, CEO & Founder of SoundSeal”