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There are very few people who have not shopped online yet, and the number is ever decreasing. The number of orders placed online and shipped everyday is rising at an exponential pace.

Our bags, designed especially for the e-commerce industry, helps to fulfil these orders in a hassle free way. With our three pronged advantage of good quality, competitive price and lower turnaround times, Dhwani today sell to ecommerce companies in various countries such as USA, UK, India, Italy and UAE.



Whether it's important documents, clothes, gifts, electronics, tools, food ingredients, or even fragile items like glassware, our different courier solutions help to ensure the safety of all your items.

Security Bags with tamper evident closures help detect if there has been any manipulation, while air bubble bags help to keep contents safe from breakages during transit. Our bags can be customised to fit your unique needs, and are made specially to meet your requirements.



"Our secure, tamper evident bags are very well suited for the banking industry's needs. Whether it is for cheque books, credit / debit card, gold loans, document storage or cash handling our bags can be customised to suit the needs of the Banks.

The bags are equipped to streamline processes with identification, tracking and tracing capabilities. Our bags can be customised for uses like cash handling, coin bags, retail deposit, vault storage, etc."


Duty Free

As a major supplier to many duty free shops and airlines across the world, we are an ICAO approved STEB manufacturer. In an industry where security is of utmost importance, our bags help enable airport duty free purchases while making air-travel safe. Our bags are made as per ICAO guidelines and are used to carry LAGs bought at airports.


Pharma & Forensic Labs

"With millions being invested in the development of new drugs, it is imperative that security of test samples, prescription drugs and related items during transport and storage is looked after. Our packaging solution ensures the sanctity of all this through all stages of transport, from labs to consumers.

By replacing the current packaging which offer minimal security, our product ensures there is no theft, tampering or manipulation that the industry is riddled with. Our custom product for specimen bags has received wide appreciation with the product being sold in various countries in Europe and North America"


Cash in Transit

Security is not just a product, it's a process; and our tamper evident security bags are designed to make sure that your cash remains safe during every part of the process, including transport, processing and storage. Our bags are equipped with options for features like tracking and tracing during the supply chain, single pocket or double pocket, different options for tamper evidence, etc.

We ensure safety for both you and your customers. The bags for cash in transit can be used by retailers, banks, hospitals, and at cashiers for multiple industries.


Armed Forces

National security is a priority for every nation. Dhwani is proud that it helps India and a few other nations in this essential function.



Our security bags are ideal for test papers, quizzes, exams, etc. for protection against leaked papers and cheating. The answer papers can be sealed in our polymailers for safe transport from exam centers. Our bags are used by leading education institutes across various countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.



One of the foremost industries in India, Dhwani supplies packaging solutions to various textile companies at various stages of the supply chain right from fabric to finished garments and retail.



The retail industry aspires to provide convenience and quality to the end user. It is imperative to them to streamline processes, packaging and other aspects of the business. Therefore, we have come with several packaging solutions to help our retail clients serve their customers better and more efficiently.

We serve major retailers across Asia, North America, and Europe. Be it for the packaging of garments, cash handling or for shopping bags, we offer several top of the line options for all purposes. With competitive pricing, low turnaround time, and superior quality, we are a trusted supplier to our existing customer base.

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