Packaging for Pharma and Forensic Labs

Pharma & Forensic Labs

"With millions being invested in the development of new drugs, it is imperative that security of test samples, prescription drugs and related items during transport and storage is looked after. Our packaging solution ensures the sanctity of all this through all stages of transport, from labs to consumers.

By replacing the current packaging which offer minimal security, our product ensures there is no theft, tampering or manipulation that the industry is riddled with. Our custom product for specimen bags has received wide appreciation with the product being sold in various countries in Europe and North America"



We offer the Specialized packaging solutions to ensure the safety and security of Pharma & Forensic Labs products. This packaging may include Tamper-Evident Bags, Temperature-Controlled packaging, and more.

Tamper-Evident Bags benefit the Pharma and Forensic industry by providing a secure packaging solution that indicates if the bag has been tampered with, ensuring the integrity of the contents inside.

Yes, we offers a range of Polymailers and Security Bags that are specifically designed for shipping Lab samples. These bags provide a secure and Tamper-Evident solution to protect the integrity of the samples during transit.

Yes, there are eco-friendly packaging solutions available for Pharma and Forensic Labs such as biodegradable and compostable bags. These options not only reduce the carbon footprint but also ensure the safety and protection of the products during transit.

Specialized Packaging solutions for Pharma and Forensic Labs offer numerous benefits, including improved product protection, secure handling, and Tamper-Evident features for enhanced safety and compliance.

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