With the growing demands of different businesses such as banks, retailers, restaurants, etc., the need for coin bags is also significantly increasing. The said businesses frequently handle large sums of money, further adding importance to coin bags. Considering the involvement of coin bags in high-priority coin transfers, businesses must turn towards tamper-evident coin bags. 

Tamper-Evident Coin Bags


We at Dhwani Polyprints understand the significance of tamper-evident coin bags and thus offer the same. Further, our coin bags can be customized based on the client’s desired weight requirements, which is an extremely critical feature for a coin bag. 

Speaking of tamper-evident coin bags, do you know what they are? Why are they essential, or what features make them the choice of thousands of businesses worldwide? Don’t sweat it out; we are here to answer all these burning questions; scroll down to find them all. 


What Are Tamper Evident Coin Bags?  

Gone are the days when banks and other businesses relied on simple zipper-lock bags to carry coins or cash. 

Coins in a cloth bag


Over the years, even the packaging industry has seen unprecedented growth. Tamper-evident coin bags or cash bags overshadow the traditional zipper-lock bags. Such bags are vital to every industry for growth by protecting coins/cash. Tamper-evident coin bags have great security features that safeguard and provide accessible handling of coins or cash for every business. 

Moreover, they are different from traditional zipper bags, canvas bank bags, or locking security bags in terms of security features.

Additionally, these bags can be customized depending on the weight the customer wants to carry. Tamper-evident coin bags offered by Dhwani Polyprints are of top-notch quality. They are packed with various features for the receiver to find out if the bag is tampered with by any external theft or by a professional. 


What Are The Features Of Tamper Evident Coin Bags?

As mentioned earlier, tamper-evident coin bags are packed with a bundle of features, and below, we have listed a few of them.


Can Be Customised As Per Needs

The first and most crucial feature of tamper-evident coin bags is that they can be customized according to the needs of the customer. The size of the tamper-evident bag depends on the weight the customer wants to carry. For instance, if you want to transport large amounts, the tamper-evident coin bags will be particularly large and made of strong material; however, if you are carrying cash, a smaller one would easily do the same deed. 


Enclose Barcodes And Serial Numbers 

Today, tamper-evident coin bags are featured with barcodes and serial numbers. Generally, all businesses use digital cash management systems to register cash deposits; this is where serial numbers and barcodes aid management departments. Further, the said feature of tamper-evident coin bags also helps in tracking the progress of the cash supply chain. In simple words, how barcodes help manage the inventory of businesses, serial numbers, or barcodes on tamper-evident coin bags help the CIT (computer and information technology) managers track cash deposits received. 

Barcodes and serial numbers for coin bags


The serial numbers and barcodes also help to reconcile the coin bags and the amount received later at the cash vaults. Apart from banks, even retailers can use these serial numbers and barcodes on tamper-evident coin bags to monitor the movements of cash deposits.


Has Freezing And Heat Attempt Detection

While we talk about technology getting more innovative with each passing second, even the thieves are getting smarter. Theft experts know that extreme temperatures, whether high or low, can also break the seal of traditional coin bags without causing any damage. This raised the demand for tamper-evident bags. Therefore, we at Dhwani Polyprints offer tamper-evident coin bags with freezing and heat attempt detection. When anyone tries to tamper with the coin bags using extremely cold air or heat, the temperature-sensitive ink on the tamper-evident coin bags will reveal a pretty clear message.

Our modern tamper-evident coin bags are designed to address the weakness of traditional coin bags. Since a thief generally compresses cold air or heat directly at the seal, the modern coin bags come with bright red (or easily visible colored) ink, which is instantly activated, revealing a clear message (already printed on the sheet) and allowing the receiver to detect any temperament with ease.  


Fluid Detection (Water & Saliva) 

When talking about tampering with coins or bags, the most common way that thieves use is with water and sometimes even saliva. Generally, they try to open the circumvent by applying water or saliva to the seal. This tampering is more common when the thief has internal access to the coin bags. In addition, applying saliva or water weakens the seal, which acts as a shield and prevents the bag from locking properly. 

However, modern tamper-evident bags are manufactured to address the said issue. The coin bags have a printed message on the seal with saliva-soluble inks. If anyone uses saliva or water to tamper with the coin bags, the message will be smeared, giving an instant signal that the bag is tampered with. 


Small Opening With Adhesive Flap 

We live in a hectic world where speed is essential for every industry, and the same applies to workers packing cash or coins. Employees tend to stick the adhesive flap further down than its original seal to save time, leaving small openings. Usually, thieves take advantage of this opening and can easily steal cash from the opening. However, the modern tamper-evident bags feature triple-seal closure. Additionally, the triple seal acts as a virtual protector against theft by eliminating any chance of leaving behind any openings. 


Microprinting And Security Border 

Typically, tamper-evident coin bags are printed with designs that allow you to cut & open the bag with a razor and then reseal it. Regardless of the effective use of this feature for the end receiver, it allows thieves to tamper with bags and their contents. 

Dhwani Polyprints offers tamper-evident coin bags that tackle the said issue through microprinting. With the help of micro printing, though the opening can be resealed, it is not feasible to align the original pattern again, therefore, signaling that the bag is tampered with. 


Importance Of Tamper-Evident Coin Bags 

When working with the transportation of coins or cash, it is essential to pack them in tamper-evident bags. As aforementioned, tamper evidence bags prevent the contents inside from extreme temperatures and external interference and feature numerous security options. For instance, they feature saliva-soluble messages, microprinting, etc. Therefore, tamper-evident coin bags hold the utmost importance to ensure the safe transportation of cash to banks or retailers. 


Trust Dhwani Polyprints For Quality Tamper Evident Coin Bags   

Dhwani Polyprints is a leading name in the plastic packaging industry. With more than 40 years of experience, we take it as our foremost priority to address all our customer’s concerns. Furthermore, our tamper-evident coin bags are bundled with many security features and are made of high-quality material. Our bags are tamper evident and strong enough to carry the weights of heavy coins. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us now!