Packaging Solutions for Textiles


One of the foremost industries in India, Dhwani supplies packaging solutions to various textile companies at various stages of the supply chain right from fabric to finished garments and retail.



Textile Packaging refers to the process of packaging Textile products using specialized packaging materials and techniques to ensure their safe, secure transportation and storage.

We offer various types of packaging solutions for the Textile Industry including Poly Mailers, Tamper-Evident Bags, Security Bags, Specialized Packaging, Zip Lock Bags, Air Bubble Bags, and more. These solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of textile products such as garments, fabrics, and accessories.

Yes, we offer packaging solutions for both Domestic and International shipments. Our packaging solutions are designed to ensure that your products are protected and arrive at their destination safely.

Our packaging solutions can be used to package a wide variety of Textile products, including but not limited to clothing, bedding, towels, and fabric rolls. We offer custom-designed packaging solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Yes, Textile Packaging can be reused and recycled. Reusing packaging materials can reduce waste and save resources, while recycling can turn waste into new products, reducing the need for new materials.

We offer a range of sizes in Textile Packaging Bags, including small, medium, large, and custom sizes tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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