Packaging Solutions for Duty Free Retail

Duty Free

As a major supplier to many duty free shops and airlines across the world, we are an ICAO approved STEB manufacturer. In an industry where security is of utmost importance, our bags help enable airport duty free purchases while making air-travel safe. Our bags are made as per ICAO guidelines and are used to carry LAGs bought at airports.



Duty Free Retail Packaging refers to the packaging used for products that are sold in Duty Free shops in international airports, ports or border crossings.

Packaging plays a crucial role in Duty-Free Retail as it enhances the product's visual appeal, provides protection during transit, and prevents tampering. Good packaging can also help to build brand recognition and customer loyalty.

We offer a variety of packing options for Duty-Free Retail Products, including custom-sized Poly Mailer BagsSecurity Bags, and more. Our team can help you in choosing the best packaging option based on your product and shipping needs.

Yes, Duty-Free Retail Packaging can protect the goods from moisture and other environmental factors during transit by providing cushioning, absorbing shock, and preventing damage. Appropriate packaging can also protect from theft and tampering.

Using packaging solutions for Duty-Free Retail can help protect the products during transit, provide an attractive and recognizable appearance, and ensure compliance with international regulations and requirements.

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