Packaging Solutions for Banking Services


"Our secure, tamper evident bags are very well suited for the banking industry's needs. Whether it is for cheque books, credit / debit card, gold loans, document storage or cash handling our bags can be customised to suit the needs of the Banks.

The bags are equipped to streamline processes with identification, tracking and tracing capabilities. Our bags can be customised for uses like cash handling, coin bags, retail deposit, vault storage, etc."



Bank deposit bags travel from the till to the store manager, who then combines them into a cash-in-transit bag for pick-up by an armored car service. The armored car service then transfers the bag to the bank.

SoundSeal's cash deposit and coin bags are designed to make the identification, tracking, and tracing easier. Our bags are made of a tough polymer that can stand up to large weights of loose coins, making them ideal for use at toll booths, laundry machines, coin-op vending machines, shops, and more.

Our bank bags are made out of stronger materials to withstand more force than other brands. They come in 4 different security levels to show evidence of mechanical, cold, saliva, chemical, and heat tampering.

Banks use many different kinds of packaging like polymailers, security bags, resealable tape bags, air bubble bags, and zip lock bags.

Coin bags used by banks can hold up to 50lbs of coins.

Cash bags are specially designed for transferring money. They are ideal for securely transporting bank notes and coins between banks and other institutions.

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