Types Of Tamper-Evident Packaging That Will Help You For An Easy Transit

As a manufacturer, you wish your product to get into the right hands, at the right time, and in the right condition. Additionally, since customers have raised concerns about safety standards, product protection has become an integral part of the supply chain. 

Thanks to tamper evident security bags, businesses can easily meet industry standards and regulations. In this post, we will talk about the common types of tamper evident packaging used right now.

Also, we will elaborate on the benefits of using tamper-evident packaging material. Let’s start by understanding what tamper-evident packaging exactly is.

What is Tamper Evident Packaging?

People often get confused between tamper evident packaging and tamper-proof packaging. While both, undoubtedly, strengthen product safety, they have many differences. Along with the types of tamper evident packaging used, they might vary depending on the purposes.

Tamper evident packaging does not completely stop tampering. Instead, tamper-evident security bags make it clear if a product is opened in transit. However, the safety and integrity of the products might vary depending on the features of that product.

Tamper evident packaging enhances and ensures the protection of unopened products. Without it, the manufacturers might need to recall the entire shipment or multiple consignments if the products’ safety seems to be compromised.

On the other hand, you can quickly identify the tampered products and discard them from the supply chain when you have proof of tampering. On the more logical side, tamper evident packaging prevents packages from opening in transit, ensuring pristine & safe product deliveries.

Are you now clear about tamper-evident packaging? Yes? Great then! 

But, do you know the types of tamper evident packaging material used in security bags? No worries! We will help you understand that and also discuss the benefits of using tamper-evident packaging material.

Let’s head to them!

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Types of Tamper Evident Packaging Material

Worried about the illegal tampering of your important documents and product while in transit? If your products require an extra step to fraudulent prevention, tamper-evident security bags are a must-have for your business.

In this section, we will talk about the types of tamper-evident packaging material used and also discuss the benefits of using tamper-evident packaging material.

1. Resealable Pouches With Tear Away Lids

Resealable pouches are certainly one of the best tamper-evident security bags. This was first introduced to the B2C market in the early 80s/90s. The tear notches atop resealable pouches can be pulled off to break the material and reveal a zipper. It helps consumers easily identify if the pouch has been tampered with or opened in transit. If you are into retail and looking for dust-free transit of your merchandise, you can go with Dhwani resealable bags.

Resealable Pouches With Tear Away Lids

2. Shrink Band

Plastic is among the common types of tamper-evident packaging material used in shrink bands (AKA seal bands). These are small shrink films that are wrapped around the product. Usually, shrink bands are made of soft plastic.

3. Over Wrap

These are small plastic films wrapped around the packaging to seal and prevent tampering completely. It is different from shrink bands because it is placed around the products, not on top of them.

4. Lidding and PE Films

Lidding films have been a reliable source of tamper-evident packaging for quite a long time now. Plastic, metal, and bio-based material are the types of tamper-evident packaging materials used in lidding films. 

5. Stretch Wrap

Tamper evident packaging is not just limited to secondary material and can also be used solely. In fact, stretch wrap is one of the most reliable types of tamper-evident packaging. When a product is completely wrapped with shrink film, it is tough to tamper without a knife or blade.

These are the most common types of packaging material used in manufacturing security bags. However, the type of tamper evident security bags might vary depending on the industry. For instance, SoundSeal Security bags are preferred in the education and eCommerce industry because they are fully sealed, STEBs are primarily used by Duty-Free Stores and Airlines because they are clear & transparent, meeting the ICAO guidelines. 

STEB bags

At Dhwani, we cater to the diversified security bag needs of different industries. From regular poly mailers, Wicketed bags to Air bubbled bags and specialty packaging solutions, we do it all.

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How Tamper Evident Security Bags helps in Transit

When it comes to the safe transportation of your products, such as important documents or pathology specimens, Tamper Evident Security bags might help you better. Depending on the types of tamper-evident packaging used, the level of protection of your products will be assured.

Here are some obvious reasons why tamper-evident security bags help in transit.

1. Prevent Fraudulently

In countrywide or international shipping, products have to pass different checkpoints. Thus, they contact various people, leading them to be tampered with. When you use tamper-evident packaging, you can be assured of better product protection and customer satisfaction.

2. Moisture/Water-Resistant

There are myriad challenges when transporting any package overseas, but the biggest hurdle is moisture prevention. Tamper evident security bags are moisture and water-resistant and keep your products safe while in transit.

3. Light Weight

Though the weight might vary depending on the types of tamper evident packaging used, tamper-evident security bags are lightweight and result in lower courier costs. 

4. Extra Strong

Tamper evident packaging is usually very strong. It not only prevents tampering but also protects the product from damage while in transit. From shrink bands to resealable pouches, durability, and strength might vary depending on the types of tamper evident packaging material used in them.

5. Cost Saving

When you tamper-evident security bags, you save on courier costs, damaged products, and recalling the shipment in case of tampering. All these benefits ultimately lead to increased safety and reduced costs.

Where Are Tamper Evident Security Bags Most Useful?

Tamper evident security bags benefit all businesses, regardless of their industries, but they are primarily used in the following cases.

  • Banking: cash-in-transit, chequebook courier
  • Law Enforcement: evidence, confidential document
  • Government: Confidential deal papers and records
  • Airlines: Duty-free, lost items, liquid
  • Hospitals: drugs, blood, patient records,
  •  and pathology specimens

The uses of tamper evident security bags are so on, but these are major ones.

Looking For Types Of Tamper Evident Packaging That Are Affordable?

At Dhwani, we are ready to help with custom tamper-evident security bags that perfectly aligns with your brand and usage behavior. We have a range of ready-to-use packaging solutions you can leverage to strengthen your business, build brand value and give your customers peace of mind.

Whether you are into food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, or any other industry, we have a range of packing options to meet your customer needs and industry standards.

For more information on how we can help you, get insights by reaching out to us!